Questions about custom name servers

When upgrading a domain to a business plan (eg: I will have access for custom name servers (eg:

After that my customers will point their domains (eg: to my name servers.

Does this mean I will be able to add domains pointing to my name servers as CF free plans?

Also once is pointing to and added to CF will I be able to manage that domain/zone via the CF REST API as usual?

Hi @pier,

From Setting up Custom Nameservers at Cloudflare:


By default, Custom Nameservers only apply to the specific Cloudflare domain where they are configured.

It is possible for Cloudflare domains to use the Custom Nameservers configured for a different domain. However, those domains require an Enterprise plan and a request must be sent to Cloudflare Support detailing which Custom Nameservers to apply.

Does that answer your question?

Thanks for your answer @dmz.

So what those docs are saying is that unless I have an enterprise plan would only work for the domain?

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Both domains and would need to have the Enterprise plan.

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