Questions About Cloudflare's CDN

To utilize Cloudflare’s CDN capabilities for images and videos, do I need to store these assets directly with Cloudflare, or is it possible to use Cloudflare as a proxy for assets hosted elsewhere?

Additionally, once these assets are set up for delivery through Cloudflare’s CDN, does the service remain entirely free regardless of the volume of traffic, even if it reaches petabytes each month?

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

Cloudflare is a pull CDN - so you can store your resources else where and they will be pulled into cache when they are requested by a visitor and then served from cache on subsequent requests for a period of time based on your cache configuration.

You are also able to use Cloudflare to store your resources, using Cloudflare Images (images), Stream (video) or R2 - Cloudflare R2 · Cloudflare R2 docs

There are no charges for bandwidth on Cloudflare, however in our terms of service there is this clause:

Content Delivery Network (Free, Pro, or Business)

Cloudflare’s content delivery network (the “CDN”) Service can be used to cache and serve web pages and websites. Unless you are an Enterprise customer, Cloudflare offers specific Paid Services (e.g., the Developer Platform, Images, and Stream) that you must use in order to serve video and other large files via the CDN. Cloudflare reserves the right to disable or limit your access to or use of the CDN, or to limit your End Users’ access to certain of your resources through the CDN, if you use or are suspected of using the CDN without such Paid Services to serve video or a disproportionate percentage of pictures, audio files, or other large files. We will use reasonable efforts to provide you with notice of such action.

So I would say if you are going to be using Cloudflare to serve video / images you should not rely on our the CDN to serve at this scale - as this would be a breach of terms of services and would recommend using our Cloudflare Images, Stream products - or reaching out to the sales team to discuss your requirements and it may work out more economical to be on an Enterprise contract.

Hope this is clear.


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