Questions about cloudflare community

Hello, I have questions about the cloudflare community.

  1. Is it possible to be suspended from the cloudflare community?
  2. What if a staff removes a post, what can happen afterwards?
  3. Why do topics close automatically?
  4. Why does cloudflare censor out swear words?
    I know that’s not a lot of questions but I will likely have more later

Yes, if violating the ToS and Guildelines of Cloudflare Community:

You get a notification about your post being hidden. It is hidden for some time until you edit it, or completly removed.

That is an option which I believe can be setup for Discourse, either on or off.

Auto-closing is a Discourse feature that the admins recently enabled here by default

You might notice that different topics have different auto-close durations, depending on the setting when the topic was created.

The benefit of the feature is that replies to old topics account for a lot of the spam and off-topic posts we get, which currently accounts for a large portion of the moderation work load. Posts that stay open forever also make it hard for old flame wars or contentious arguments to ever really die down, since a single reply is enough to bump the whole thing back to the top of everyone’s attention.

I hope we can find an expiration time that still helps moderators while not being too inconvenient to users. In my experience, by the time a post is about six months idle, the majority of replies are either spam or would be better as a new topic. In cases where they aren’t, it shouldn’t be too hard to link the new topic to the old one, and moderators can even re-open the old topic and merge new threads into it if necessary.

This is an Discourse feature. Simply, because they are bad language. Cloudflare is concerned about people’s language used here as already stated in Guidelines and Terms of Use.

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What will it show if I’m suspended and are they permanent?

  • A note is displayed on user page denoting suspension reason
  • Login is not allowed
  • Account can only be mentioned by staff
  • No emails are sent to user for any notifications (digest, message and so on)
  • As an exception any emails initiated by staff are still sent to user


Yes, until the administrator or moderator puts the value for “until” or decides and changes it.

Can copy paste get you suspended? And what else can get you suspended? Also do you get several chances before suspension?

I am sorry, but I am not familiar with that information.
Kindly, wait for someone else’s reply if so.

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Someone from cloudflare staff could likely help me with this question?

Not necessarily, I often copy icann rules or wikipedia entries for reference. But, if it’s just copy paste with zero value add, like pastes with no interpretation, applicability to a given topic, etc., it likely won’t result in suspension, but naturally folks will tend to pay less attention to those posts.

Not usually, we have zero tolerance for completely off topic spam.

Aside from spam, things like repeatedly pushing other customers to share login details, randomly burying links in posts, and/or intentionally posting incorrect or misleading/off topic information are all things that have resulted in visitors being banned. Ban duration can vary, we opt for 1,000 years, that’s what this forum tool considers forever.


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