Questions about cloudflare cache

Does apo still uses kV or its switched to Cloudflare tiered cache?

Are there any Speed benefits of using worker for cache than Cloudflare default cache everything. Considering bypass cookie is excluded this comparison

One more question for Cloudflare for SaaS

I enabled Cloudflare for SaaS,

The account at custom hostname enabled, full page cache through page rule. Will it appear in analytics of my origin as hit. Like in my Cloudflare as SaaS analytics will it appear as hit content.

Can I use Cloudflare transform url, url rewrite to add a query string when a cookie is present and than use a page rule to bypass for that exact query string

Anyone know how to get in Cloudflare cache reserve or how does it work on free plan ?

Will i able to use page rule to cache everything in Cloudflare for SaaS. Meaning to cache everything for all custom hostname instead of separate page rule

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