Questions About A Website That Already Has SSL



Hey guys, first time poster here. Just had a question, I am trying to integrate the free cloudflare account with my bluehost website. I already have a free SSL certificate from bluehost and I get this warning message when I am about to change my site over to cloudflare:

“Notice: CloudFlare Platinum is required for SSL (HTTPS) to function. Enabling CloudFlare Free on a website which uses SSL will cause the site to malfunction”

My question is, will I have to disable my SSL before integrating with cloudflare to avoid issues, or will cloudflare work with (or overwrite) my SSL that I already have. Since my ssl is free from bluehost, I wouldn’t care if it were replaced.

Also, will any of this cause downtime for my site?


Any help?


I remember your message from a few days ago, but Bluehost’s Platinum requirement baffles me. You already have Free SSL at Bluehost, and SSL here is free.

My suggestion would be to manually set up your domain here at Cloudflare. That should get you the best of both worlds. Bluehost will (hopefully) keep your free SSL, and you’ll get Cloudflare’s free SSL. The Bluehost SSL will secure the connection from Bluehost to Cloudflare, then your Cloudflare SSL will secure the connection from Cloudflare to your visitors. This is Cloudflare’s “Full (Strict)” SSL setting.

Start here:

And the free SSL options are here: