Question - S3 buckets and Cloudflare integration


Hello everyone, I’m new here.

I currently host a static page on Amazon s3 bucket. I would like to build a PWA with this page. Based on that, it is a requirement to have HTTPS enabled for my website.

I have created my account on Cloudflare and added my domain ( Website is already configured. Based on that, I changed the dns on my domain page, including the two name servers provided by Cloudflare. After that, I created two CNAME record for the two s3 buckets that I have (www and non www).

After that, I enabled ssl to full, and https on Cloudflare. When trying to access I can see that https is showing up, however I’m getting error 522.

I checked multiple websites for a guidance, but I’m wondering if I forgot to configure something.

Thanks guys.


Amazon S3 buckets don’t come with SSL, so Full SSL isn’t going to work. You’ll have to try an insecure connection at your bucket with Flexible SSL.


Which is such a shame. You can’t assign certificates to S3, only to ELB or CloudFront.

And again Flexible :roll_eyes:

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