Question regarding SPF's +a +mx

At a previous DNS panel I had al my domains SPF records with the following:

"v=spf1 +a +mx ~all

Now that I am on Cloudflare, the same domain has the same SPF record. That same domain also uses the Cloudflare HTTP proxy. With the “+a”, that HTTP proxy server is whitelisted. If Am correct here**?**

If that is correct, that would mean that that Cloudflare’s HTTP Proxy IP, is allowed to send e-mail, as my domain; would that also mean that those IP, used by others on Cloudflare, could also send e-mail from my domain**?**

Thank you in advance

I believe you are.

No, because they would need to send these emails via Cloudflare.

Basically you can remove the a modifiers from your SPF record, as long as it only refers to Cloudflare’s proxies.

Thought as much; thank you!

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