Question regarding redirects

I have been using the Varvy Redirect Mapper Google core web vitals - Full Service Internet Marketing Company & Internet Marketing Tools which displays redirects from www and non-www versions of a url using both http and https.

One of my scenarios “no www” has two redirects.

  1. to
  2. to

I checked with my host to see if there was anything that could be done on the server side, but was told this scenario is being caused by Cloudflare. I believe I need to set up a page rule, but before I did so, I was curious what the correct way to implement the page rule is so I don’t mess anything up.

Does anyone have a similar experience and how did you solve it?

That’s normal, but you can shave off one of them with Page Rules.

  1. Turn off Always Use HTTPS from the Crypto Page
  2. Add a Page Rule to match* and URL Forward it to$1 (without a leading scheme, it will match http and https)
  3. Add a Page Rule to match* and URL Forward it to$1

Now you’ll just one redirect as it catches either scenario and forwards it to the correct URL.

In a properly configured world, this really isn’t a problem:

  1. Those redirects are lightning fast and don’t affect legitimate users.
  2. With HSTS completely enabled on your Crypto page and your site listed at, all visitors will go straight to HTTPS.
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Is there any reason to do this? Or should I just leave it as is?

I wouldn’t bother, nor do I. Some SEO tipsters recommend it, but Google knows your site’s proper URL, and that’s what will turn up in a search. Humans won’t care or really notice if they type only to be quickly double-redirected to

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