Question regarding Origin Server CA

Hi there,

I have a small issue. I transfered my domain to Clouldflare and then I installed the Origin CA on my webserver.

Upon installing the OriginCA on the webserver, I have overwritten the original cert that was in use, that was issued by the hosting provider when the domain name was with them. I can’t seem to restore this certificate.

My question is, with this OriginCA cert, this is not a publicly signed certificate, correct?

Any traffic to or from my website or email server that is not routed via cloudflare will not be secure using the OriginCA certificate?

Could someone confirm this is the case. As I understand it, the OriginCA will only be a secure connection between cloudflare and the website, not the internet and the website.


It is properly signed, however not by a publicly trusted CA, hence it is not trusted by browsers.

Yes, it’s only for connections between Cloudflare and the server.


Thank you!

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