Question regarding name servers and custom name servers

Hello everyone!
So i have a question using Cloudflare free. I have one site that has custom name servers that runs multiple other sites(all other sites are pointed to the ns1 and ns2 of the main site)
How would i go by changing the name servers of the main domain to the ns of Cloudflare they provide and keep my other name servers active for the other sites that are using them?

When i switched the main site over to Cloudflare the other sites that were using ns1/ns2 went offline.
Sorry for such a noob question and hope this makes sense. Not totally great with dns as of yet and still learning!

Thank you,

Guess i forgot to provide im using WHM/cpanel to manage my sites.

You should be able to (in Cloudflare) create NS records for ns1 and ns2 which point to the IP addresses you are using to resolve the nameserver values for others. (Record type from the dropdown should be NS).

Okay awesome thank you very much.
So doing ns1 and ns2 and just tossing the ip in there like you say will that be all i need todo in order for the records and to resolve?

Thank you

It should be :slight_smile:

Awesome i will give this a try and report back with the outcome!

Would i need to do the
NS @ aswell in the recordes along with the A NS1 Ipaddress
does that make sense?

The @ is pointed to Cloudflare for your zone, you just need the ns1 and ns2.

Okay got ya.

YES!! it works, i just had to unlink the ns1 and ns2 when they were added.

Thank you very much @cs-cf

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