Question regarding DNS

We have moved DNS management of one of our clients’ websites to Cloudflare.

The site was managed by xneelo.

After the change, the site is unbelievably slow. I am attaching 2 screenshots of the page speed test.

Is this related to Cloudflare? Or it is really an issue to address at the site level?


No thats not CloudFlares fault.

I called and all headers of all static assets showed:

cf-cache-status: MISS

You have implemented CloudFlare but you are not using/benefiting from, pls try to make CloudFlare beeing able to cache your static assets. But for the html you have to cache at your Server-Side.

For the redirect from HTTP to HTTPS (which takes 2.86s now) Cloudflare can speed that up by a lot if you use automatic HTTPS, or any good rewrite rule.

Thank you!

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