Question regarding cloudflare free plan

I just started using cloudflare, with the free plan, and was wondering if the free plan will be forever free, like do I need to worry about me needing to pay in the future? Thanks!


I’ve had mine for at least five years. Cloudflare CEO loves free plans. And, truth be told, Cloudflare’s overall model needs free plans for broader traffic analysis that helps everybody.

Short answer…free plans are essentially forever.


Not that I hear every conversation, but I am not aware of any discussion or notion to move from free; however, if I’ve learned anything from 2020, we cannot know what the future holds.

But, I do know that as @sdayman mentioned, free plans are a critical component of our goal to build a better internet. For that, I believe free plans are critical. From Project Honey Pot, to workers, to IPv6, to free universal ssl, our innovations don’t have as much value if they only benefit a limited few. Personally, I’m with you, @swivrotech, 90% of my zones use free plans!


Hello friends,

I’m using Cloudflare for years now and I have around 26 domains in the free plan.

Now I tried to add another site/domain but there was no free plan selection. Is it canceled or just I hit a limit of free plan usage?

Is there is a limit per account for a free plan?

Sorry: I just noticed that there was only a change in the page design, it’s by default selected now :slight_smile:
But I’m still curious if any site limit in there?

Can you provide a screenshot on that? It could be located somewhere else (if I’m not mistaken, they changed something on the UI)

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Last time I heard someone have a problem with this, they were on a narrow screen and the Free Plan box ended up on the second row below the paid plans. You may have to scroll down to see it.


Yes you are right. I just discovered that.


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