Question privacy isp and nationality

Hi, I’ll start by saying that I’m not very expert but I come to my problem: I purchased a domain with which, through the Website Manager and Manage DNS Records of the domain, I entered an IP of one of my servers which offers a private service to which they connect ( through this domain in question) a series of my customers of which, once connected, for each individual customer I can view their public IP, country and ISP used.

My aim is to “mask” this information and by experimenting I did this:
Having created this type A record in NAME, I entered the domain name itself, inserted the IP of my server to be protected in IPv4 and activated the proxy function.

In fact, everything seems to work from my management panel where my clients are connected, I can see them all with private IPs assigned by the proxy and no longer with public ones but unfortunately I see it is unable to mask the nationality and ISP they are using.
What is missing from my configuration? Thanks for any suggestions.

Do you mean that you want to hide the country and ISP of your traffic?

Yes, this is exactly what I would like