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Hey guys i have a question. i have a domain from freenom. i am using Cloudflare to connect it to my minecraft server, which Cloudflare made me add custom nameservers. And i want to create a website on profreehost. And in order to use a custom domain name on it i have to add its custom nameservers too what do i do ? how do i make my minecraft server connected to the domain using Cloudflare and my website on profreehost connected to my domain also? please help as fast as possible if you can.

I never heard of profreehost before today. That’s not normal that they require you to use their nameservers. First time I ever heard of a web host working that way. But a quick search does seem to indicate that that’s correct.

There’s a post on their forums implying a workaround of switching over to their nameservers temporarily, getting up and running, then switching back to your old DNS provider and recreating the relevant DNS entry.

But I wouldn’t do it. That’s pretty silly. I would use a different web host. If there a specific reason you’re wanting to go with profreehost?

Also one thing to keep in mind – if you’re using your apex domain for your Minecraft server, you won’t also be able to use your apex domain for your website, unless you self-host it on the same server. You could use a subdomain for your website. In theory you could use for the website but it’s likely to confuse people if the apex domain doesn’t redirect to www – people expect www and the apex domain to go to the same place, either via redirection or just serving the same content, and straying from this de-facto standard might cause issues for you. You might want to choose a different subdomain like (I don’t know if it’s a blog, it’s just an example)

You might also consider moving your Minecraft server to a subdomain and then using the apex domain for your website

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alright thanks alot! I will move myMinecraft server to a subdomain and then using the apex domain for the website

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