Question On What Type Of Services Needed

Hello. Question I’m hoping someone can help me with. I have a server I run from home and want to keep it safe and secure. Running an instance of Nextcloud that I use and share with family and friends. I have my own domain and domain name. This instance is running on a subdomain and using Dynamic DNS to route, which I have to manually update if my IP changes and is a little annoying. I’ve tried a couple scripts to keep it updated but they’re hit or miss.

I have a cert that is a wildcard for my domain, so that’s all good, and the server is hardened as well as I know how. I have an HTTP to HTTPS redirect, only accepts traffic on port 443, etc. I’d feel a little better moving it behind Cloudfare as an extra layer of security.

What services from Cloudfare, either free or moderately priced, would you recommend? I don’t mind moving my hosting and domain or just domain if I need to. I do see there are some DDNS features available, as well as SSL so that’s awesome.

Thank you for your input. Just want to keep everyone’s and my data safe.

The Free Plan would be a good start. You can use the API to update that IP address. There are free features to limit access, such as Firewall Rules to block anybody not coming from an allowed IP address.

Cool beans, thank you so much! I’ll play around and see what happens!

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