Question on billing

We’re trying to determine how much our Cloudflare bill we be, we anticipate a lot of cached images. Should we use Total Data Served in a month to determine this or some other metric? Would this fall under “$5 per month; First 1 GB is free and $0.10 per GB thereafter”? If not, what is the pricing for our use-case of serving cached images only.

Where do you see that price? Regular plans don’t charge for bandwidth.

After checking again this was for Argo, which we are not using. So if Cloudflare doesn’t charge for bandwidth or the amount of data we are caching that is good, but a little strange. Almost too good to be true.

As long as your bandwidth is for standard website traffic, it’s fine. It’s when people start using Cloudflare as a CDN strictly for massive media files they’ll kick you out.

Section 2.8 of Self-Serve Subscription Agreement

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