Question of the Week- Which of the following QoW prizes would you like us to roll out?

We don’t sell any merch, but we will be releasing giveaways, QoW’s, and contests early next year so users can win merch!


what is the giveaway link for participation? @ashaheen

Hands down the hoodie! Would be a great addition to the tech-related items in my wardrobe - would be great if a merch shop was in the works so I can get my hands on one

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I’d definitely pick the hoodie and water bottle :slight_smile:

I’ve thought of an idea! The “Cloudflare blanket”!

Basically, the entirety of the blanket would be orange, with the Cloudflare logo in the center!

Now I’m sure Cloudflare doesn’t have any of these (I’d be very damn surprised if they did) but I’m sure the people at CF can make one!