Question: Must I Update Nameservers for Wordpress CDN Plugin to Work?

I’ve just installed the Cloudfare CDN plugin on my Wordpress website. However, it really doesn’t seem to be helping to speed up my site’s loading time. In fact, I can’t tell if it’s working at al;. (The plugin IS activated.)

My question then is whether I need to switch my site’s nameservers from its current host (Bluehost), over to Cloudfare in order for the CDN to work or not.

Looking forward to any advice. Thanks in advance!

Bluehost offers a third party integration of Cloudflare. Have you activated it?

I was going to. However, I noticed there that it says: “CloudFlare’s basic mode cannot handle SSL certificates. If you need to use an SSL certificate, that part of your site needs to be on a subdomain that is not protected.”

Now … my whole domain is https and NOT just http.

So … does this mean that I can’t use Cloudflare’s CDN services?

You’d have to ask Bluehost why they say that.

What you have now is good. HTTPS for everything. That lets you use the best SSL/TLS setting of Full (Strict).

My personal recommendation is that you go with Cloudflare name servers and skip the Bluehost integration. It gives you better control over your Cloudflare settings and the option to easily switch hosts without losing your Cloudflare configuration.

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