Question/Issue with server routing

Greeting’s, first of all i’m new to CDN and my English language skills is kinda limited so i apologize for this.

My Question/Issue is: when i run: tracert on my command prompt it shows me an IP witch is located inAmerica instead on Greece (witch is my current location) or my Web Hosting’s IP witch is located in Amsterdam

Do i missing something?
Do i have to configure something?
Isn’t suppose the Cloudflare to manage to route my website from Amsterdam (Web Host Server) to Greece ( My website viewers location via Cloudflare Server)?.

Thanks in advance.

Your english isn’t at all bad!

What you are seeing it’s correct! Cloudflare is a proxy so they substitute their IP to yours, they use an Anycast network so their American IP (which doesn’t actually mean it’s in America, but that it’s owned by an American company) is in every POP they operate.

So in other words they do routing my website from: Amsterdam (Web Host Origin Server) to Greece ( Viewers Location via Cloudflare Server location) no matter what IP Address i’m seeing right?

If yes, this will happen too if my Web Host server location will be in Greece? for example:

Greece (Web Host Origin Server) --> Greek Cloudflare server --> Website Viewer?

Yes, but depending on your plan level and routing of the ISP the POP is chosen.

You can see the POP you are connecting to by going to the /cdn-cgi/trace path of your domain.

Thanks for the information/help, i appreciate it.

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