Question: Home Lab Network?

So I had a thought, I was thinking of getting a home lab with some firewalls and route my ISP through those servers and have the network setup like this:

Cloudflare > 1st firewall > Cloudflare 2nd bounce > 2nd firewall > Cloudflare 3rd bounce > 3rd firewall > Cloudfare 4th bounce > 4th firewall > VPN server with rate limited ports > ISP

Reason why is so I don’t get ddossed from skids on the internet with some booter they bought. Would that be possible or allowed with Cloudflare or would this be denied by Cloudflare officials?

Cloudflare’s CDN-Loop header would prevent this kind of setup I believe.

Hey erictung, thank you for responding. With that CDN-Loop protection would a better setup be: Cloudflare > Firewall > VPN Server with rate limited ports > ISP? I wanna make sure that my network is protected as much as possible.

If you are trying to protect your own VPN server then the only product Cloudflare offers for this type of protection is Cloudflare Spectrum, which can be really expensive and custom port protection is only available for Enterprise plan clients.

Alternatively, Cloudflare Zero Trust services - Cloudflare Gateway can achieve the same protection.

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