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Taking first baby steps with web apps. Realise you have to spend a bit of money eventually but want to find the right provider first. It’s more the hassle of setting up some payment thing only to find later that a potential provider doesn’t give you all you need, and then have to cancel stuff. If a fully fledged Cloudflare a/c will give me everything I need I’ll be delighted to cough up.

For that reason I have one simple question before anything else: on Cloudflare, with a free account, completely free, can I communicate with my “web area” (or whatever you call it) using SSH?

Second question would be: am I able to use a dbase (MySQL, sqlite3, anything)? and third question would be: how does the “server” work? I mean, is this decided for me? nginx or whatever?

Fourth question: for the record, I am going to be using Django. So will need Python (3.6.x or install my own virtual environment). Is this possible?

The answer to all these questions is “it all depends on your actual host”. None of these services will be provided by Cloudflare. Cloudflare is not a host.

Please check out

Ooops. Seem to have misunderstood completely. Thought CF was a hoster of some kind.

Hi @mrodent33,

Cloudflare sits between your visitors and your web host.

has some great content for understanding the basics of Cloudflare.

It isnt, it will primarily provide DNS services as well as (optionally) proxying services (for e.g. security purposes).

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