[Question/Feature Request] Cloudflare Stream Connect | Simulcasting Outputs | YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc


We have been using Cloudflare Stream Connect for quite a while now for various projects.

Currently, we are building a platform that allows users to RESTREAM their live input to major platforms (outputs) like Facebook, YouTube, and more, making it Simulcasting.

We’re facing the issue that users need to input Title and Description and some other details before going live specifically in terms of Facebook and YouTube. While we use Stream Connect, it doesn’t have an option to pass these parameters to third-party outputs leading all users to open Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms separately to put them live on the platform.

Is there any way to pass such data (we know about metadata, but that doesn’t seem to work)

Also, YouTube works after just setting title, description, tags, and more, but for Facebook, users have to click the GO LIVE button separately, so is there a way we can expect Cloudflare will handle it on their behalf?

We know we can use YouTube Live API and Facebook Live API allows users to login via them, but that will eliminate the use of Cloudflare stream connect.

Help appreciated.