Question before changing to Cloudflare


At the moment, I got a domain running with a O365 tenant connection for the mail for the organization. We also have a DNS record for the print server inside the organization.
Now I am wondering: can I apply the Cloudflare CDN service/settings, without messing anything up?
Or is it not possible to use it that way because the mail and print server is atached to the domain via a DNS record?

Just make sure you create those records in your Cloudflare DNS.

Is the print server accessible on the internet? If you are running a Microsoft Windows Active Directory domain, it’s not a best practice to use the same domain for internal and external resources.

I prefer the subdomain approach where is used for external resources and is used for the Active Directory domain. Another common approach is to register for use as the Active Directory domain.

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Hi there,

Thanks for the response. I did take the risk and it works fine. The print server is not accessible over the internet, only internally on the network inside the building where our server is located. There seem to be no errors now, website works fine and everything is quite some faster now.


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