Question about Yubico security key


I am looking at getting some of these keys. I have some questions as this is an area I have dont have much knowledge in.

Using these keys. Can they be used and setup to create MFA for a wordpress login URL. Or are these used only for accessing your Cloudflare account instead of using the Google authenticator?

For the Yubico security key if you wanted ti use this wordpress, this means I would need to setup and configure it for use with Cloudflare zero trust? I have been doing ome reading, research however, I am unable to get some clairity due to my lack of overall knowledge.

I was hoping somene could put some light on this for me

You don’t have to use Zero Trust to use your Yubikey.
Check out Yubico’s resources for Getting Started and Works with Yubico.

Yes they can but you’d need to use Cloudflare Access and setup an identity provider to enforce that MFA/Yubikey usage. For Wordpress logins and others I use Cloudflare Access with Google Workspace and Github identity providers which are setup with Yubikey security keys see my blog at How To Setup YubiKey 5 NFC Security Key For Cloudflare Account Logins - Centmin Mod Blog

For use with Google Workspace as Indentity provider see Google Workspace · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs. Other identity providers you can use include Facebook, Linkedin, Otka etc SSO integration · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

example for my Wordpress login page

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