Question about Worker KV cache


For my fully static website geographical latency is the biggest speed obstacle. I thought that Workers KV can help with that, but then I read this in the documentation:

It is optimized for these high-read applications, only reaching its full performance when data is being frequently read. Very infrequently read values are stored centrally, while more popular values are maintained in all of our data centers around the world.

Is there more information about what ‘infrequent’ means?

I’d love to store my HTML pages in Workers KV. But the way I read the above quote I would be wasting my time coding a Workers KV solution unless all my pages are very popular.


Hi @JuM! It’s not wasting your time. You can expect the absolute worst-case latency to be that of storing your site in cloud storage, which is generally the second-best option. Obviously though you will often see much much better performance than that, making (I think) KV the fastest way to serve a site.