Question about visitor solve rates

So, we’ve had Turnstile running in production for over a few weeks now and I notice a 60%-ile visitor solve rate. I presume this means, the check-box has been displayed requiring the visitor to check it to proceed. The API solve rate is in the 20%-ile range. Without knowing anything about the visitors viewing our page where Turnstile is embedded, what would cause such a relatively high visitor solve rate?

I’m sure things like ad blockers and such can interfere with the API solve rate, requiring human intervention, but 60% of our visitors having to solve the challenge seems a bit high.

Or is just part of the Turnstile experience?

Thanks in advance!

Check out the turnstile FAQ:

Visitor Solve Rate is the % of turnstile challenges that were solved (they were a human), API Solve rate is the % of issued requests that were then verified by the backend (if someone completes the challenge for a form protected by turnstile but doesn’t submit it, they solved it but it was never verified)


Thanks for posting that! So, I relatively high visitor solve rate can mean our page is being loaded but the submit button on the form isn’t necessarily being clicked. That’s useful information.

Thanks again!

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