Question about using SSL Certs

Hi guys!

I am having my website done in wordpress by a company. I am trying to help them understand the SSL process with Cloudfare - can someone help me in this?

They mentioned below…

We automatically generate Let’s Encrypt certificates but I’m not sure if Cloudflare would require us to do anything special.

Can you advise what needs to be done so that the traffic to my website is secure from server to cloudfare and cloud fare to my domain? Is there any negative speed implications in using fully secured SSL - what is the best approach and solution?


None. Full strict is the the only secure setting there is and the only one you should choose.

As long as you have a valid certificate on your server you should be fine.


Thanks so much! )

If on shared hosting. they may need to un-proxy the domain and subdomains to which LE certs are being issued or renewed, then as soon as each cert is OK, proxy the relevant domain again. You do this at the DNS app, by clicking on the :orange: for each domain record. In my experience this takes between 1 to 3 min, but it may take longer at times.

If not on shared hosting, they may be able to avoid this step, there are a few threads on Let’s Encrypt community about how to do it (you can easily find them on Google)

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