Question about using CloudFlare on a running site with Traffic

Hi there, I’m thinking of implementing CloudFlare on my tech website, I have a few questions which I will apreciate if someone can answer them with more in-depth.

  1. Can I use cloudflare using the SSL which I have right now. And how can I proceed with this?

  2. Could my website drop in traffic for changing to CloudFlare.

  3. What will be the benefits for migrating, what are the risks.

Hope someone with expertize can explain. Thanks.

You certainly can, Cloudflare will show visitors a different certificate, but having one on your origin is recommended as it will encrypt the full connection. When you sign-up, make sure to leave the records un-proxied (:grey:) while the Cloudflare certificate is issued (you can check here: Make also sure to set (here: the mode as Full (Strict) to force HTTPS to the origin when it’s used by the user.

Always Use HTTPS is always recommended as well.

On the origin sure, with caching you should see a reduction in bandwidth (configure the cache-control headers correctly to take advantage of it), overall no, it could also see a boost due to better performance for users.


  1. caching -> speed and bandwidth reduction on the origin
  2. DDoS protection
  3. depending on plan, but firewall and security benefits.
  4. etc.


  1. none?

It’s not really a con, but you won’t be able to directly access your server via SSH with the hostname, unless it’s :grey: since it’s not a supported port and protocol (there are ways, but paid ones).

Hi there I just switched to CloudFlare on, can you please recheck if everything is working fine. Also, I had a my own SSL on the site, now with these shared one from CloudFlare is there any problems shoud I switch or buy other? Let me know.

Could anyone tell me why on Safari web browser my website appears with no images and ads from google adsense? Also I’m getting some message when I enter about the SSL certificate that is untrusted.

Works just fine on my end, can’t check much given I can’t obviously see settings.

A valid certificate on the origin is recommended, a Cloudflare Origin Certificate is free and valid for Cloudflare still with an extremely long validity (with instant revocation in case). Let’s Encrypt or any other cert works as well.

Works for me, probably temporary caching issues. The SSL error is a symptom that Safari still goes to the origin and hasn’t yet updated the IP. It will fix itself.

Thank you for the answer Matteo, in your point of view could you suggest me what I can improve more on the site I mean speed, performance etc… Maybe some CloudFlare option which I don’t have enabled. Will be useful to me. Let me know.

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