Question about using Cloudflare as a registrar

I’m currently using a registrar that is quite frankly overpriced with price creep since their inception, they have bugs that make DNS-01 LE challenges almost impossible that they stated were long running and no fix in sight, furthermore I asked if they support CAA DNS entries, they do not.

As such I’m looking for a larger more established registrar.

Now I do have questions about Cloudflare, that were strangely not as clear to Google as I thought (which is why I’m posting here).

Can I completely opt out of Cloudflares CDN and SSL options when I use them as a registrar? I just want a DNS and registrar functionality really, I’ll manage my own load balancing and encryption preferably, mostly as I have things for homelab situations and need to learn.

Thank you for any answers.

Yes you can. Make sure all your records are set to :grey: or pause the entire domain altogether (which will implicitly :grey: everything).

Still, be aware of the fact that you cant use third party nameservers with Cloudflare as registrar. If you want to do that you will have to transfer out again.

Thank you, with third party nameservers, excuse my ignorance, would that include pointing MX records for for example Google mail, or that I wouldn’t able to slap up a BIND instance and manage my own DNS, if it were to point to myself?

I am not sure about your question. You can configure your MX records on Cloudflare just like with any other service, but you wont be able to point your domain to other nameservers if you are using Cloudflare as registrar.

  1. Which TLD are we talking about? Cloudflare does not support all.
  2. Could there ever be the need to point your domain to custom nameservers?

Apologizes, I just had to make sure that we aren’t talking about DNS records.

the TLD is .nu in this case, and .se later possibly, but the latter is not a hard requirement.

I can’t really think of any reason to delegate the nameserver to anyone but myself in a self-hosted BIND instance, other than having my registrar handle my DNS.

In that case it is easy, neither TLD is supported by Cloudflare for the registrar service at this point.

That’s a shame, thank you for your help though.