Question about Upgrading To Business

Thank you in advance for your help. I am wondering if I upgrade to a business plan, will the features be available on all the websites in my cloudflare account?

I am thinking about upgrading to business as a way to increase website speed. Can anyone tell me if there is a significant increase in website loading speed on any of the paid packages compared to the free one?

I have shared hosting with hostgator but realized that my sites initially load a bit slowly. I am looking for a way to increase the initial loading time. I was told to upgrade my hosting to a vps or dedicated server but thats way too expensive for me.

Any insight would be appreciated.

They will only be available on the domain you upgraded.

Most likely not. You will get more features, some are performance related, but it is not necessarily a given it will boost the entire site significantly from the current status. Of course it also depends on the features you plan to use.

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