Question about upgrading + Shopify issue

Hey guys!

This is my first post, don’t kill me for it D:
I have now read for several days about the issues I am having myself: Shopify disconnect.
I already disconnected my Domain from Shopify, and yet it still is somehow connected, i can only use my domain if i turn off Proxy, which defeats the point of using Cloudflare in the first place.

Now I have read multiple posts, especially from the famous MVP that i see around here :slight_smile:
The liberate-the-hostname domain, i tried it, it says it’s liberated, it’s still partly (very) broken.
All other ones are currently proxy disabled to i can at least continue working on the site.

Shopify support sends me to Cloudflare, and Cloudflare support I feel like does not support free plan tickets.

To the question: I just upgraded to Pro to speed up my ticket issue, because I’d like my domain to work fine, and not wait several months (probably not, but I’d rather have it fixed earlier than later).
However, I already have a ticket, will Cloudflare Support see that? Or do I have to make a new ticket to make it go faster?

Have a super day people :smiley:

As you already have a ticket open, we’ll make sure that gets addressed. For future reference, if you are having an issue with your account’s configuration being clobbered by Shopify or another provider - you can open a ticket with us as a Free customer - choose the account option and our team will review.


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