Question about transferring domains

So I have not transferred domains between CF accounts just yet but I have transferred between WPengine accounts. The sites are still up but in my DNS Settings it says “An A, AAAA or CNAME record was not found for the www subdomain. The subdomain will not resolve.”

Can anyone help explain this to me? Also one of the members of my team told me that the site should be down by now if DNS is not properly setup

That’s not a question about a domain transfer, is it?

Also, what is unclear about the message? It’s pretty clear, isn’t it? You dont have a www record.

Not really, I’m pretty new to Cloudflare

Not a Cloudflare related topic, that’s a general DNS topic.

The main question is, do you want your domain to be reachable under www as well? If not, you don’t need to bother about that warning. If you do, you’d need to set up such a record and point it to the respective IP address.

It also says the root domain will not resolve

Hi @citycentral, if you can share the domain name that may help other folks help you. I did notice your name servers with your domain registrar have not been changed to those assigned by Cloudflare. You can test this by going to, enter your domain. If the server names that are returned are not those that are shown on your DNS tab of the Cloudflare dashboard, your registrar will need to change them. If you’re moving domains between accounts, this article may be helpful,

If a record was :orange: on Cloudflare under Account A a DNS scan by someone signing up domain B won’t have that record because a DNS scan won’t reveal the true origin IP (that would be a Bad Thing from a security standpoint). Ideally you should export a zone file (DNS Tab Advanced) from the old zone and import into the new before changing nameservers.

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