Question about the Advanced Certificate Manager package

The advanced certificate of the Advanced Certificate Manager package will disappear after the package expires?, and how is it used I need an example of it, I want to learn carefully before buying and use the service


  • The fee for ACM is $10/zone/month on the activated zones.
  • You can generate 100 different certificates per zone, but not across zones.
  • Certificates are from either Let’s Encrypt, Digicert or Google Trust Services.
  • The keys are managed by Cloudflare, and cannot be downloaded.

Take Care!

does the ssl certificate disappear after the package expires?

Not sure what you are trying to mean with package, since what will expire it’s the certificate itself, or if you don’t pay the monthly 10$/per domain.
The Universal SSL certificate it’s free, and you can cover the domain (root) and the first level of your domain (*


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