Question about terms of service

The Mastodon Instance recently shared an image of their bandwidth stats in their Discord Server showing they averaged 20TB per month.

An email from Cloudflare stated:

Cloudflare has deactivated your website,, because of a possible violation of the Terms of Service for the storage or caching of non-HTML content, such as video or audio files.

I also run a Mastodon instance. Do I need to route image/video files through a seperate CDN or can I use the Cloudflare Pro plan or something? What are the rules on this I don’t want my zone(s) suspended too. Stats

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For starters you could disable all caching, however I’d really recommend to contact support/sales and clarify your use case with them directly.

I’d certainly be interested to know if was able to clear this up with Cloudflare Support.

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