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Hi All:
My first post is limited to 2 urls, so - = .

I have lacted-org registered at NameCheap, hosted at LiquidWeb and we use CloudFlare for DNS
I have thepixelfarm-com registered and hosted at NameCheap.

Is there a way to setup a CF record to point to

Sorry, but DNS is only for hostnames, not files or paths.

Any way to pull this off? It was working for awhile.

We recently moved to LiquidWeb, but before that we were hosted at SiteGround.
We had a Subdomain and Redirect setup via cPanel at SiteGround, and the redirect from CloudFlare to SiteGround worked. The account at SiteGround expired last week and now the subdomain is not working. Based on that, it seems that I shoud be able to setup a record somewhere and have CF point to it.

Using cPanel, I setup a Subdomain and Redirect at LiquidWeb, but it’s not giving me a DNS entry - at least I’m not able to find one.

Not due to anything that Cloudflare would have done. That’s most likely something like Domain Masking, which is generally a bad idea.

You can certainly use a Page Rule to match that subdomain that points to a Forwarding URL at the other site.

You could also try a Cloudflare Worker that pulls from a different URL. I’ve not tried this script specifically, but it’s the general idea:

Thanks, I’ll ask my dev to try this.

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For the record, here’s how we got it working:
We setup a Subdomain and Redirect using cPanel at LW. I expected it to create a new DNS record, but it didn’t. We then pointed the CF record to LW where it is redirected correctly to the target.

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