Question about Subdomain Pricing and Limits on Cloudflare Pages

Hello Cloudflare Community,

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I have a question regarding the subdomains generated by Cloudflare Pages. Whenever a new deployment occurs, a unique subdomain is created following the pattern <hash>.<projectName> I would like to understand more about the pricing model for these subdomains. Specifically, I am interested in the following points:

  1. Pricing: How are these subdomains priced? Is there an additional cost associated with each unique subdomain generated during deployments?
  2. Limits: Are there any limits on the number of subdomains that can be generated for a project? If so, what are those limits?
  3. TTL (Time-to-Live): Is there a TTL associated with these subdomains? If so, how long do they remain active before they are automatically cleaned up or expired?

I appreciate any insights or documentation you can provide regarding these questions.

Thank you for your assistance!

Best regards, Luiz Carvalho

No pricing. No cost for them, just part of the product.

Nope, no limits.

Nope, no TTL, they exist for as long as you keep them live.

All limits are posted here: Limits · Cloudflare Pages docs