Question about static IP for mobile phones


It says you should change your router DNS settings and set DNS to a static IP on your phone, at least Android.
So if you set your mobile to a static IP and try to connect to another WiFi network other than your home network away from your router would your phone still be able to connect to other WiFi networks?

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I didn’t not try this yet. But it seems that this setting has to be free for every network and there is a binding to the SSID.


So, as long as that’s free and I don’t know how common or uncommon it would be to be free or not would be the factor if you would be able to get on a network such as a mall or a restaurant, etc?

And the alternative to that if in the event you find you can’t get on more networks than you can would be…? CONSTANTLY changing the DNS settings on your phone and/or…?


Replace free with done in my last post. Auto correct on my mobile :joy:

If I remember correctly this settings archer network so it needs to be done on every network which could be awful. Plus that every network has different network ranges. Some have blocked, others use this ip for their captive postural, the next network prohibits the usage of custom DNS servers…

I’ve setup up a simple VPN and route all traffic through it. Combined with pi-hole as DNS server which blocks ads and tracking crap locally and forwards the rest to CloudFlare DNS.

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