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while putting the DNS, then, at that point, I don’t have to utilize the SSL From ‘‘IfinityFree’’

About SSL Https: I might want to ask, if Cloudflare has free SSL for me to utilize, and in the event that there is any issue assuming I utilize a SSL in ‘‘IfinityFree’’ what occurs assuming I change the nameservers ‘‘’’, would it be able to influence something in my site’s SSL? how would I put SSL on Cloudflare without requiring SSL From the ‘‘IfinityFree’’ Platform, I trust it edifies me about this. I might want to inquire as to whether when I change the ''nameservers of the subdomain, and put the nameservers of ‘‘Cloudflare’’, it as of now accompanies SSL, so I needn’t bother with the SSL of the ‘‘IfinityFree’’ Platform right or wrong? then, at that point, I might likewise want to know how to place SSL in ‘‘wordpress’’, will I really want any modules? which modules, trust it makes a difference!

Hi @lukinhaslopessabino how are you progressing? Did you get ssl set up?

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Hi @lukinhaslopessabino

The SSL from Infinity Free will be your Origin Certificate .

If you change Nameservers to & (Infinity Free NS) , you will lose Cloudflare Protection , Infinity Free supports Cloudflare , So you can use Cloudflare Nameservers and it will automatically import a A Record pointing to your web host Ip Adress

You need to Two Certificate to use Full (Strict) SSL Mode , One Certificate is Cloudflare Certificate & You can use Another Infinity Free Certificate for Your Orgin Certificate

Here’s why you should use Full Strict Mode

Wrong you need an Orgin Certificate for Full Strict Mode

You should Use your Infinity Free Control Panel & SSL Section add your InfinityFree SSL Certificate Private key and Certificate

Note - If you Use only Cloudflare SSL you may ran into problem More about that Here , If you use Cloudflare SSL only and run it in Full and Full Strict mode you will probably see a 525 Error

Feel free Revert back if this doesn’t work

You should also take SSL for subdomains also if you have any

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