Question about rocket loader

I have an ASP page that is responsible for displaying data using the Wijmo flex grid. Cloudflare rocket loader used to speed it up.
The data gets loaded either in the page load event using query strings or through navigation buttons using postback events.
When loading the data in the page load the page crashes and the data wouldn’t display.
However, checking Chrome’s dev tools network tab shows the request is completed successfully (response code 200 Ok) for the page, rocket loader scripts, and the custom js scripts. The response contains the data, but the console has some errors (ex: Uncaught ReferenceError: $(jquery), and some custom JS functions are not defined).
If loading the data through navigation events, the data loads fine, and no errors in the console.
Disabling the Cloudflare rocket loader solves the problem.
However, we would like to keep the rocket loader enabled. What could be the reason for the errors that cause the page to crash in one scenario and not the other?

Depending on the jQuery version I think there was something about, if you re-check your JavaScript/jQuery code, do you actually have dollar sign? Does anything change if you use jQuery instead of dollar sign?

Maybe it is in some conflict with other JS script runnning.

May I ask if you have tried this suggestion to disable Rocket Loader on some JS file resources being loaded?:

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