Question about proxied A -> CNAME

I’d like to simplify writing the same IP address many times to A records, as this way a server migration would need a lot of A name changes. Instead I’d like to save it as a single A record and then use CNAME records everywhere else.

My question is how should I do it with proxied and non-proxied addresses. I need both of them, proxied for HTTP and non-proxied for direct Websocket connections.

Right now, I’ve set it up like this:

A server1/ → - non-proxied
CNAME web/ → - proxied
CNAME ws/ → - non-proxied

Is this efficient like this? I mean for non-proxied I have no choice right? But for proxied, is it OK that it goes from proxied → non-proxied → server?

Or that lookup happens so instantaneously that it doesn’t matter?

I don’t think you’ll notice any difference in DNS performance. And your CNAME approach is certainly an efficient approach. If it’s Proxied, then that’s great. If it’s not proxied, then people will see what the CNAME points to, if that’s ok with you.

Yes, with websockets I’ll have to go non-proxied, so unfortunately it’ll always be revealed.

Cloudflare do support WebSockets, unless your usage is deemed excessive for your plan type.

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I know but when I researched no one could say how many concurrent connections are deemed excessive. The safer choice was to go non-proxied for WS.

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