Question about pages limit and accounts limit


I have a question that I need to ask because I don’t want to be blocked. Am I allowed to have unlimited accounts and unlimited Cloudflare pages?

I need this information because I would like to create a separate Cloudflare account for every client, and in each account, I want to create a separate Cloudflare page. Am I allowed?


You may want to check out their partner program, which can offer a way for you to create accounts for customers easier:

As far as I am aware, accounts are unlimited, there might be some rate limiting if you try to create a lot at once.

For page,. from the limits section Limits · Cloudflare Pages docs. you can get 100 projects per account. However, that can be increased if you contact Cloudflare, but they may disable your ability to create new Pages projects, if you are deploying a large number of applications in a short amount of time.

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