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Hi, I have a problem. I opened bigcartel online store and the custom cloudflare domain is working. Im trying to use my website link on my instagram bio, however the link is not working and gives this message.

Maybe the problem is easy to solve but Im new on this program and can not find the solution. Can someone tell me what I should do to get the link working? Thanks in advance:)


Can you explain in a bit more detail what works and what doesn’t, and also include your domain?

Did you follow Bigcartel’s guide for adding a custom domain?

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My domain is juhajoutsi .com

everything works well until I try to go to my website from my instagram bio. I think that the problem is cloudflare, not bigcartel. Because the link works on web but not on instagram bio.

Is this your Instagram

If so, the link works for me.

yeah it is, are you using mobile or computer? It is also working for me when using computer but when Im trying to go there from my phone it dosent work.

That probably would have been useful information to include.

But it works on both my computer and my iPhone, with both wifi and mobile network.

yeah, sorry for not including that info. Are you using instagram app to this or mobile web? I think there might be some problem that the instagram app is not opening custom domains.

thanks a lot for your help. I got it working.

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