Question about nameservers, DNS Zones, and CDN


My hosting provider is Hostinger. At Hostinger, my nameservers are pointing to QUIC Cloud. As far as I know, I am only using QUIC Cloud for caching/CDN. Previously, my nameservers at Hostinger were pointing to Cloudflare.

However, on Cloudflare, my domain still is active on Cloudflare, and Cloudflare DNS setup still says Full.

Am I still using both Cloudflare and QUIC Cloud? My goal is to only use one of these services. How can I tell if I’m using both.

Thank you.

How long ago did you change? If your nameservers have been changed away from Cloudflare, it will eventually go to a “Moved” status and then deleted if on a free plan, paid plans will keep the zone in the account…

You can give the domain if you are not sure.

Thanks for the reply.

I made the change 2 days ago.

My domain is

OK, as you say you’ve changed the nameservers…
…so no requests for your site are passing through Cloudflare and you are not using it at all.

It’s only been 2 days but eventually in the dashboard then by email, Cloudflare will let you know the nameserver change has been detected and the zone marked as “Moved”, then after 7 days deleted from your Cloudflare account if on a free plan.

You can delete the zone from Cloudflare yourself now if you prefer.

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