Question about nameserver settings for domains transferred to CloudFlare

Hi All,

I’m slowly transferring my domains from my current registrar (Hover) to Cloudflare.

On Hover, my nameservers were set to:

But now they are set to the “Charles” and “Eva” nameservers on CF.

Is this correct?

The site in question is geargrabber[dot]net


Currently with Cloudflare Registrar, only Cloudflare nameservers are supported. You must have changed the nameservers to point to the Cloudflare ones before you transferred the domain.

With Registrar, other nameservers are not currently supported so you should connect the domain to your host using the DNS records they provide. Your site appears to be currently working with your setup using Cloudflare nameservers so this should be fine.

Thanks! I did change the nameservers before I transferred the domain.

On Hover it made sense to me that my Hover nameservers “pointed” directly to my LiquidWeb nameservers.

On Cloudflare, is this “pointing” being handled by the “A” Record in the Cloudflare DNS settings?

Yes, that is correct, the A record in Cloudflare is handling the site. If you use other services such as email, you will need to add other records for that to work, like MX records. These can be checked with your host.

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Awesome, that makes sense. Thanks!

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