Question about Member/Role/Email Address

I use [email protected] as my only email with Cloudflare to manage my DNS settings and domain renewal for Should I change it to something like [email protected] as the Email Address and the Super Administrator instead?

This sounds like two separate issues.

For email addresses, I strongly recommend using an external address. One that’s not tied to any of your Cloudflare domains. That way, if something happens to your Cloudflare account, you still have a valid email address.

Super Administrator is the primary owner of the account. This doesn’t affect anything until you invite other users to administer features on that account.

Thank you.

I already changed the email address (and verified it) to something not connected with my Cloudflare domains, and it automatically changed the email address of the Super Administrator.

I asked because I want to make sure I will always have access to my Cloudflare account.

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