Question about mapping subdomains

Hi everyone !
I’m trying to setup Cloudflare for my website that is working like that :

  • I have a domain (let say
  • I have a website on that domain
  • I have subdomains for each other websites of my network (like 2.johndoe . com etc.)
  • Each “sub website” is located to a different server, which it’s the subdomain pointing to that IP.

Those websites manage trafic so I wanted to be sure of what I’m doing before changing DNS and all this.

  • On Cloudflare in the DNS I copy my actual DNS, and also the DNS of my subdomains (basically the subdomain pointing to the IP of the server)
  • Then I just change the nameservers of the main domain

Am I right if I “just” do that ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah, before switching nameservers your old DNS registrar’s records and the ones on Cloudflare should be identical (ignore the fact that Cloudflare doesn’t add the domain on subdomains and the final for that some DNS display). Then you can choose if each subdomain should be :orange: or :grey: depending if you want Cloudflare’s proxy and CDN or not. This can obviously be changed whenever you want.

Make sure to transfer all records, TXT, MX, A and AAAA mainly, but there can be more.

Great I did it and it’s working perfectly !
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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