Question about Javascript and Cloudflare

Hello All,

I would like to add a website in Cloudflare but I am unsure about something.
At the moment I am running a web app that works with Vue.js, when I upload some updates, not all my users get them on time, some have to empty their browser cache.

I was hoping to use Cloudflare in between so when my files are uploaded, I empty the entire cache from Cloudflare itself.

Would this makes sense and work?

Do emptying the Cloudflare cache would help my customers getting the latest script files or not?

Thank you!

The Cloudflare cache is not the same as the browser cache. So, no, adding Cloudflare into the mix will not help your situation, at least not without other changes; for example, with Cloudflare in the mix, you could set pages to cache at the edge (Cloudflare) but not in the browser.

Caching at the edge is something offered in the free version?


Thank you Robertcope,

I will have to check it out.

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