Question about HTML resources stored on CloudFlare servers


I have noticed that HTML resources can be rewritten by Cloudflare
For example, I have the following resource

, ou par mail (<a
** href="/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection" class=“cf_email”**
** data-cfemail=“cbb9aeb8bba8a4a6e5fafbfaf2f28baca6aaa2a7e5a8a4a6”>[email protected]).**


HREF attribute is added automatically to the email addres

In the original resource (, no attributes are present

, ou par mail ([email protected]).


Is there any way to desactivate this behaviour on Cloudflare ? Or do we have to use a different format for this kind of resource (TXT…) ?

Thanks for your help

Best regards

That’s part of the Scrape Shield app that obfuscates email addresses:

Thanks a lot for your answer
Its working !

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