Question about free plan limits


I want use Cloudflare for a small ecommerce site.
I’d like to use geoip lookup feature and to setup currency correctly and I’d know if the free plans cover that use case or not.


I don’t exactly know what you mean by the GeoIP lookup feature, but the free plan provides an header to the origin (cf_ipcountry) about the country of the client’s IP. There are better ways than to use the IP’s location, but this is not the place to discuss.

Yes, I meant the cf_ipcountry for the country of the client’s IP actually.

It’s provided to the server in the request at all plan levels.

Is there somewhere we can discuss about this?

Not really, these vary depending on your software stack. Inform yourself and/or find a good developer.

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Any suggestions about the right terms to use for search when it comes to IP’s location?

No, sorry.


In Rails, what’s the correct header to get the location?
I tried country_location = request.headers["CF-IPCountry"].to_s but it doesn’t seems to work.

About Rails specifically I have no clue how to get a specific header, but the header is correct. Maybe do it all lowercase?

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