Question about fortigate firewall

I’m thinking of setting up a fortigate firewall on a cloudflare tunnel for access to it.
would that work?
thank you

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If you are looking to restrict access you can use access policies on your tunnel. To restrict it this way, so you are not having to use the firewall equipment and add another point of failure in the mix. What is the use case you are trying to solve that needs a firewall in front of the tunnel?

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I’m sorry if I did not explain well.

what I meant was, would it be possible for me to setup a fortigate cloudflare tunnel for secure remote access and call it , say,, of course, being my actual domain?

Tunnels aren’t created as a hostname. They start with a UUID-named connection to an origin running cloudflared, then you add public hostnames to the tunnel, as described here:

yes, i’m aware of how it actually works.
I’ve used it before.
but I want to know if I could use it to gane access to my fortigate firewall.
my plan is to install cloudflares on a server and configure it to go to fortigate.examplecom ( is not the domain) with port 999, fortigate port.
that is what I want to do.
much like you’d use to securely access a nextcloud server, or some other servers, except it’s a fortigate.